Thursday, June 9, 2011

I can be

at the first time, i'll tell about a book. the title is "The Ethos Of Sakura".
i look for the book that i hope it can be mf reference to change my life style.
hmm, what i feel ? what a pity i am. but i give my thankfull to Allah that He give me the way to read this book.
what are the value of it ?


actually so many, but untill this time, almost 10 subtittle i've read it, so i don't read all of it yet.
still there're 6 value :

1.  you must practise
2. brave !!! starting to get the best future
3. making the schedulle that defenitive
4. you must action for your dreams, it will not come true by suddenly
5. not all of "everything is Ok" is good. come on. make the short target and the long target
6. you must be the leader who can see your environment, that there's the big chance for you.

i think, we must get the best for our self. there's no "Oh my God, how can be???"
we must change our mind. Oh. I can be what i want if we do the best for my self.
if you have the problem, please don't say the negative sentence. cause it will influence your mind.
teh big problem !!! I have Allah that The Biggest Dzat for you. haha !!! n you can smile and action.

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